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Martes, 24 de Febrero de 2015 02:05

The February 12-13 coup plot and its preparation
throughout January-February 2015

The US government is behind the destabilization plans and attempted coup in Venezuela. They are working internationally to create the necessary conditions, using active spokespeople operating on behalf of the government and from Congress. They are working together with the corporate media and other players that are active against our country.

We only need to look at the declarations and provocations by these sectors to understand that this is the case.

The corporate media has been operating as an integrated whole: some of them send out the media message; others spread it throughout the world and in each country.

However, this plan of aggression has not only involved declarations and media lies, such as those spread against the President of the National Assembly, Deputy Diosdado Cabello, and initiated by the newspaper ABC through its Washington correspondent, Emili J. Blasco. This attack was no coincidence; it is part of a plan of aggression aimed at sowing confusion among the Venezuelan people and our military.

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