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General information:

In compliance with the Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (LOPNA) Article 392, "Venezuelan children under 18 years must travel accompanied by both parents. When traveling accompanied by only one parent it is required for the other parent to issue an authorization authenticated document”.

In this case the legal representative of a child should contact the Consular Section to arrange an appointment to organise an authorization for the child, thus the child can travel outside Venezuela.
If the child is going to travel alone or accompanied of a non-parent, the authorization should be granted by the mother and the father (both) or by whoever exerts legal custody over the child.


** Please provide the documents in the requested order. **

Interested parties should assemble and consign one (01) dossier which contains the following documents, in strict order required:

- Request Form  for Consular services for foreign citizen.
- Authorization for child’s travelling Form (F-08) 
- One (01) photocopy of the Child’s Venezuelan ID (If applicable)
- One (01) photocopy of the child’s passport.
- One (01) photocopy of the child’s itinerary.
- One (01) photocopy of the father’s Venezuelan ID (If applicable)
- One (01) photocopy of the father’s passport.
- One (01) photocopy of the mother’s Venezuelan ID (If applicable)
- One (01) photocopy of the mother’s passport.

If the child is going to travel accompanied by a third person:

- One (01) photocopy of the companion’s Venezuelan ID.
- One (01) photocopy of companion’s passport

Please enclose:

- Two (2) Self-stamped and self-addressed envelope to return the passport (for security purposes we recommend certified, registered envelope or prepaid courier bag). Please use large envelopes (to fit A4 documents).

Procedure for signing the document:

Option A: Signing the document at the Embassy.

Please proceed to arrange an appointment with the Consular Section 3-5 days after forwarding the documents.

Option B: Signing the document before a Notary Public.

Please proceed to contact the Consular Section for procedures details.


This service is free of charge.

Processing time:

It depends of the option selected.



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