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Martes, 24 de Febrero de 2015 02:05

The February 12-13 coup plot and its preparation
throughout January-February 2015

The US government is behind the destabilization plans and attempted coup in Venezuela. They are working internationally to create the necessary conditions, using active spokespeople operating on behalf of the government and from Congress. They are working together with the corporate media and other players that are active against our country.

We only need to look at the declarations and provocations by these sectors to understand that this is the case.

The corporate media has been operating as an integrated whole: some of them send out the media message; others spread it throughout the world and in each country.

However, this plan of aggression has not only involved declarations and media lies, such as those spread against the President of the National Assembly, Deputy Diosdado Cabello, and initiated by the newspaper ABC through its Washington correspondent, Emili J. Blasco. This attack was no coincidence; it is part of a plan of aggression aimed at sowing confusion among the Venezuelan people and our military.

This confusion is part of a plan to sway public opinion and win over politicians from all parts of the world. Its aim is to prepare the path for further concrete actions.

Venezuelan authorities have been denouncing in a permanent and emphatic manner this continuous coup plot and all of its phases of activation. On February 12, the deactivation of a new coup plot was made public, one which the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, declared to be a “coup attempt” as it involved various elements, from street violence to terrorist actions such as the bombing of specific targets in the city of Caracas, to a planned pre-recorded announcement by sectors from within the military.

Venezuelan authorities have proof of the plans existence, of which Venezuelan military and political figures were involved in it, and the relationship that some of them have with the US embassy in Venezuela.

Outline of the exposed plan:

On February 11 and 12 an attempted coup against democracy and the stability of our homeland was disrupted and dismantled.

The plan was to use a group of military air force officers to provoke an act of violence, a bombing, an attack.

It was a reverberation of the “blue coup”, a term used to refer to the attempted coup that occurred in March last year.

Thanks to the joint actions of a number of young patriotic officers, of the youth of the barrios (poor neighborhoods), and of intelligence, counter-intelligence and security services, the government was able to monitor the coup plot and completely dismantle it in time.

A number of important arrests were carried out on the night of February 12 and in the early hours of the following morning. Today the conspirators are in prison, investigations continue, and the remnants of the coup attempt against the people, against democracy, is being dismantled because the people of Venezuela want peace.

Some of those arrested were involved in last years’ plot.

One of the officers that was investigated last year and who made a declaration was allowed to go home. However, he continued to conspire. Since last year, sections of the political ultra-right have sought him out, and this year they put their plan into action. They paid him a large sum of money. They gave him a mission, or various missions. They gave him a US visa, notably dated February 3. The US Embassy told him that if the plot failed, he had a visa ready and could enter their country via any border.

The Air Force General with the surname Hernández, alias “El Oso” (The Bear), was involved in the same thing in March last year, when he provided information of what he was doing, including that he had received orders from important politicians. All this is part of the case against him. One of those involved is a parliamentarian belonging to a fascist right-wing party. He was given the plan’s outline and money last year, but became desperate because he could not find support for the plot within the Armed Forces because it is morally, ethically and institutionally united and committed to the homeland.

As soon as he told an officer close to him of the plan, the officer passed the information on to President Maduro. He said: “Commander in Chief, I have to inform you that General Hernández has told me this, this and this….” Investigations were started, everything was proven and all those involved were arrested.

 This group is financed from Miami. Only two of them escaped last time. Both of them have international warrants out for their arrest and continue to conspire from outside Venezuela.

This officer was allowed to return home because both the President and the Admiral in Chief, who was Minister of Defense at the time, told him he could go home. Neither regretted being magnanimous. However, the trust they placed in him was once again betrayed, and he once again acted against his homeland. He was given a visa and all the security he wanted while he sought out three or four other officers to participate in the plot.

The order given this time was to film a video of this coup plotting general, the same general that is now in jail having been found guilty, and who no one wants to defend; he has been left out to dry on his own.

The idea, the strategy drawn up in Washington, was to use the video filmed from within jail where the coup-plotting general is now after having been convicted and having confessed to the crime. The general confessed to everything he was doing, who was financing him, which politicians went to the meeting that he went to in the east of Caracas, all of this was part of the case against him and was in his confession. The coup plotting general confessed who had given him the money and, using a map, pointed out which targets were set to be bombed.

Some of the remnants of this group received special treatment and their role was to record a video of this general which was to be used on February 12.

During the activities to commemorate the Battle of Victory, they were going to fly an armed Tucano plane and attack Miraflores Palace or where ever President Maduro was planning to be that day as part of participating in the days’ events. Afterwards, they planned to attack other so-called tactical targets such as Telesur, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior, the Department of Military Intelligence, SEBIN [Bolivarian Intelligence Service] in Plaza Venezuela, the Attorney General’s Office in La Candelaria, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, etc.

The modus operandi was for internal order to be disrupted at precisely the same time that they published what they believed to be, or hoped to be, a program for a transitional government which they defined as a government of transition, that is, a new Pedro Carmona Estanga [in reference to the briefly installed head of state following the April 2002 attempt coup against then president Hugo Chavez]. All of this was outlined in the documents and papers of these officers, who are all in jail along with some civilians, and of others who we are still chasing.

All of this was discovered in time, so they were captured. All have made declarations in which they have told the whole story, many of them regretting what they have done.

The signal to trigger of the plan was to be the publication of a manifesto in a national newspaper, calling for a transition.

The manifesto was found during the raids we carried out together with the Attorney General and judges, and where we found everything: the program, the plan of events, the decrees, the transitional government.

The plan was to be activated with the publication of the document and the Tucano was to fly over Caracas carrying out the respective bombings and creating a scandal.

This was to be followed by violent actions carried out by groups involved in guarimbas [violent street protests] across the country that were to be activated as part of the plan together with the manifesto. They were seeking to provoke deaths in Caracas and elsewhere in the country on February 12, including among some of the opposition protests.

However, the protests by right-wing sectors were practically non-existent because they are extremely divided and unable to call on people to come out and protest.

They had hoped to occupy a place that has a strong symbolism for President Maduro, the San Pedro Church, because that is where he was baptized, where he grew up and it is where some of his family members still live. They had hoped to provoke disturbances there, chaining themselves up and putting on a show for the international media so that they would appear on CNN and the coordinated system of media outlets lined up against Venezuela. They wanted a media show and some deaths, and in the midst of the scandal - all of which was planned – they intended to carry out the aerial bombings, with the aim of creating what they described in their documents as the perfect storm, something they have been seeking since the start of the year.

The coup plot however was disassembled and dismantled.

This officer was given the task of contacting others and of filming a video.

Synthesis of the February 12 attempted coup and the actions of the state:

1) Call for street protests with violent intentions in order to portray the events as the result of supposed repression, including deaths that were to occur at the hands of the coup plotters.

2) An armed plane to attack targets. In this case, the plot involved Tucano planes. This is an important piece of information that generated additional alarm. Venezuelan Tucano planes are currently undergoing an important round of repairs and all pilots know they cannot be flown. This means they were not planning to use a Venezuelan Tucano plane in the attack. Instead, they planned to use a Tucano plane that was to be brought in from outside but with Venezuelan markings. There are testimonies that confirm this. The governments of countries neighboring Venezuela have been informed of this.

3) A video of the coup plotting general

4) The video was to be shown on CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP and disseminated across the globe, along with the message that Maduro had been overthrown by his own Armed Forces, and by his own comrades.

This is what they were planning:

5) They continue to seek out traitors; there is clear evidence of this. The idea is to find someone willing to stand up and say, “I am Bolivarian and Maduro, yes, you did betray Chavez”. They are seeking out a traitor who will publicly say this.

6) As they were not able to film the video of the coup plotting general, they filmed a video with some men wearing balaclavas that they planned to release at a particular moment and use to tell the world that the Armed Forces had risen up against Maduro.

7) Security measures impeded them from being able to film the video with the general, so they were forced to speed up their actions. They sought out a small apartment in Maracay, took a few uniformed soldiers and some balaclavas, and two officers, together with two civilians, put on the balaclavas and filmed an 8 minute and 42 second long video. This was discovered and revealed by a patriotic officer.

8) The video was later taken off them, and the people who shot the video were arrested including those who attempted to smuggle the video to different sites.

9) If they had of succeeded, they would have shown the video time and time again, with the aim of confusing people around the world and in Venezuela who would have said, “look, a uniform belonging to the Army, the Navy, to the Air Force, and to the Bolivarian National Guard”. They were unable to get a hold of a uniform of the Militias.

 The sequence of events in the original plan:

Event 1: Economic coup, ambush.

Event 2: social coup, ambush, looting. The international media was to act as a megaphone and the President would be obliged to return from his overseas trip in the midst of looting and big protests. [Opposition leader Henrique] Capriles was to then lead a massive march.

Event 3: political coup, seeking to find a traitor or a group of traitors.

Event 4: military action, coup attempt, actions involving deaths, with videos that would sow confusion among the ranks of the armed forces, the people and the world, and that would harm the image of the revolution and President Maduro, the leader of the popular revolutionary process. This was their plan after they failed to achieve the objectives previously set out. They were unable to provoke looting nor generate large mobilizations; on the contrary, it was the popular revolutionary forces who were able to activate people in defense of the revolution. That is why they hoped to generate a coup via violent actions.

Figures involved in coup plot:

Politicians: Julio Borges, Antonio Ledezma, María Corina Machado, Pedro Mario Burelli, Ricardo Koesling, Patricia Poleo.

Military officers: General Osvaldo Hernández, Captain Héctor Noguera Figueroa, Colonel José Suárez Rómulo, General Maximiliano Hernández Vásquez, Major César Pérez Carrero, First Lieutenant Wilfredo Castillo, First Lieutenant Henry Salazar, First Lieutenant Miguel Salazar Molina, First Lieutenant Carlos Esqueda Martínez, First Lieutenant Jafred Tejeda, First Lieutenant Ricardo Antich Zapata (who was in contact with the US embassy), First Lieutenant Peter Moreno Guevara, First Lieutenant Luis Lugo, Sargent Major Jesús Osuna, First Lieutenant Eduardo Marchena (is now in Panama).          

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